10 steps to take when pulled over by Spanish police. ?Is paying a highway patrol €100 on the side of the road highway robbery or efficient governance?

So I get pulled over between Granada and Toledo for not using my signal to change lanes! Ok, I get it, revenue generation at its finest. I have a rental car and I am wearing my Iowa Cubs hat, prime target. Well… when they tell me I have to pay €100 on the spot, my radar goes up.

1. ask if they take a credit cards..well, there machine doesn’t work…feels fishy..

2. I start to negotiate. They insist on payment and offer to drive me to an ATM.

3. I start to make a game of it, ask them to put their sirens on and lights as they escort me to the ATM, they have guns by the way, so €100 is not worth a fight.

4. I make a production out of it and start taking pictures

5. I have my kids sit on the motorcycle

6. I get the town people involved.

7.I take pictures of the atm receipt

8. Pictures of license plates etc

9. Badge numbers, etc

10. We ask the police in the next town if this is normal practice or the law, it is when you don’t live in Spain.. much a do about a blinker…

Falconry in Ireland

We had a wonderful and exciting time with Killarney Falconry, In Killarney Ireland.  http://www.killarneyfalconry.com/

We learned: Owl’s have huge ears, falcons are completely self interested, owl’s have the attention span of a mite and that these birds of prey are increadibly impressive.  Liam was our guide on the “hawk walk”.  Liam was great!  Unsurprisingly Reece wants an owl (he got the cuddly one).