A Guide to being a good Slovenian team player (mostly sourced from a snarky Slovenian, I am just the conduit, not poking fun at Slovenia)…

  1. Wood, have lots of it!  Use it to heat your house as needed, but definitely pile it up neatly and in good order.
  2. Mow lawn, as frequently as your neighbor mows their lawn.  Preferably right before your neighbor mows.
  3. Vegetable Garden: as big and well kept as your neighbors.
  4. Flowers: in the garden and around the house, well kept and colorful
  5. Have a wine yard, not quite a vineyard, but some vines for making home vino
  6. If you don’t have #1-5, have a job that pays for 1-5
  7. Conserve: fuel, water, everything
  8. Sort your garbage: paper, plastic rubbish, compost
  9. Skip shower a few times per week, have a beer or wine instead of showering.
  10. Have a hay rack or at least a picture of one, Kozolec

pictures to come….

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