Turkey’s Done!

We’re headed to Paris tomorrow morning for a few days and then Slovenia for 3 weeks.  As we wrap up Turkey I can’t help but thing that we’ve learned A TON in the past 21 days.   A quick recap of the highlights:

  • Always carry the address of the place we are staying, ALWAYS!  You just never know when you’re going to head out for a quick run and get lost while in Germany!
  • The boys can really only travel for about 4 days straight before hitting a wall.
  • Whit can subsist on pasta alone.
  • We are no longer a hot mess going through security lines at the airport.  It’s not streamlined per se, but more along the lines of organized chaos.
  • The Turkish people will invite you to tea, and they actually want and expect you to accept.  Nevermind that you speak zero Turkish.
  • In Izmir, there’s no chance you will find a place to get laundry done on Saturday and get it back Sunday.
  • Izmir Independence Day is September 9th.  Yesterday.  Expect lots of police surrounding the area as well as plenty of pomp and circumstance.  And by police I mean riot gear ready with tear gas and water cannons.IMG_4322.JPG
  • People litter all the time, Reece was exasperated and appalled that a woman in full burka dropped her trash on the ground as she was walking with her kids.
    • Surprisingly, trash collection happens seemingly all the time, there are always garbage trucks on the roads
    • There are few garbage cans, and the cans that are around are very small and usually overflowing.
    • And then there are the vacuum guys:IMG_4325.JPG

Turkey was a great jumping off point for out family.  Plenty of interesting food, the experience of not speaking the language at all, different customs and religion, and learning to not drink the water.  The beaches were great, the weather was warm, and the people were incredible welcoming.  We saw exactly 2 sets of Americans and we can’t figure out why?!  More people should come see what Turkey is all about!

Here are a few of the locations where we were:

A few more pics of the fun:

Ataturk is a big deal, we sat on his lap:


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  1. I want to hear more about getting lost. That sounds terrifying! Also, wondering if you’ve constantly been singing the They Might be Giants song, “Istanbul Not Constantinople” like I am every time I read your posts about traveling in Turkey. Have fun, Rileys. Leo misses Norman like crazy!

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