Catch up day 9.9.2017

DSCF1130.JPGWe have been on the move for the past 19 days.  We have done a lot and have blogged about a little.  I am going to try and cram some of the missed days into this post and try and be more chronological going forward.

We spent 4 days in Istanbul where we met a wonderful guide, Serhan Who showed us the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, the Basilica Cistern and other gems of Istanbul.  The boys (and Sarah and I) learned about the 3 elements of Islamic art, Floral (heaven), Geometric (the stars), Calligraphy (the word of God).

We celebrated Reece’s birthday at a wonderful cake shop on the main drag in Istanbul.  He is 14 and all kinds of awesome!  We love you Reece!!

Next we went to Izmir.  Beaches, Ephesus, Servas friends (other post), hiking in the mountains (we found a little stream under a tree to have lunch, the boys thought it was the best thing ever).


6 thoughts on “Catch up day 9.9.2017

  1. I’m loving the scarf Sarah,way to blend! 😜 Happy belated birthday Reece! But 14?! Are you sure?!
    Thank you for sharing your adventure with us all!!

    • The head is Medusa. The pagans used Medusa like the Turks use the evil eye. It is upside down because the newly Christian Romans were rejecting paganism of which Medusa was their bad luck repellent.

  2. Wonderful pictures! Brings it all back. I like the new scarf look, Sarah. How was it wearing it? The pic of the library at Ephesus is Awesome!!!

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