Day One Aug. 20 2017- Iceland

We departed MSP on a 7:30 pm to Reykjavik.  We had 48 hours in this island nation.  We we hadn’t planned much, we were going to see what the island had in store.  We found ourselves at the Blue Lagoon  We quickly realized that you need a reservation, so we waited and finagled and finally got ourselves in.

The atmosphere

is a mix of posh and commodity public bathing.

Sarah believes that somewhere in the world we will find a hot spring that will cure our children’s and her dry skin.

The Blue Lagoon’s claim to fame is high concentrations of silica (Silicon Dioxide).  It turns the water a blue hue, its kinda cool… but alas, didn’t fix anyone’s skin.

The kids were pretty tired.  You see Whit sleeping and Norm melting down, because….we can’t remember now.

We ate spagettie, lamb and fish and chips at the hotel and went to bed early….


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